Jerusalem International

Solo Dance Festival 2022

Open Call


Jerusalem International


Solo Dance Festival 2022

Open Call


The Jerusalem International Solo Dance Festival is an international event celebrating the performance art, craft and theme of the solo contemporary dance creation and creator. The artistic vision of this international festival highlights the performative art of Story Telling in
a multicultural spectrum. Bringing forward the individual’s narrative
in response to their reality, using physical, multi-disciplinary language and expression of the body – as a common ground and a meeting point between people.
The festival will showcase 3 nights
of international solo creations, on an open air theater stage in the ‘Hansen House’, Jerusalem – one of the most special and mythological arts’ and culture sites in the heart of the city. In addition, the festival holds an International Residency program inviting local and international artists for a creative Site-Specific process

of a new solo work, inspired and researched in the spaces of the
‘Hansen House’.
This 3 days’ festival and 2 weeks’ residency program will host choreographers, performers, artistic directors, dance artists and thinkers from Israel and all around the world for performances, discussion panels, research, exposure and feedback events, thereby to realize an interactive, long term multicultural meeting point between artists and audience, projecting and exchanging as an international community.

We look for short (5-25 min.) innovative solo dance works with a unique artistic and personal vision, researched and developed in reaction to; social, environmental, political, cultural, critical, personal, actual topics of nowadays life. We look for the artist’s story, told, manifested, executed and expressed through an original, physical, human point of view. In the context of pandemic, social distance and the transition to digital forms of communication,

we are seeking interaction, artistic discussion, creative place-making, revise and reaction – to get physical again. To re-meet in the most direct manner, facilitating communication between various narratives, focusing on the individual form of expression shared through the solo performance art.

» Original Solo choreographies – single performer on stage. 

» Experienced Choreographers – indicated by submitted professional resume. 

» The solo production applied has premiered. 

» Duration of the work must be between 5-25 minutes. 

» If your production is Longer – only solo works that can be adapted to this time frame will be considered according to the festival’s artistic agenda. 

» Artist must approve Availability in all 3 festival days: 6-8/9/2022 

» Stage rehearsals will take place one day prior to the performance. 

» Artists invited will be asked to participate in the festival’s P.R channels and publications (Providing professional materials at request, participating shootings, interviews, social media, etc.)

» FESTIVAL DATES: 6-8/9/2022 in Jerusalem, Israel.

» The festival will showcase 3 nights of international solo creations, in an open air theater – fully equipped. 

» The festival will provide full technical support and tech crew. 

» The festival will schedule a tech rehearsal on stage prior to performance day, and a studio space available during the festival days. 

» A standard light set up and design will be available. Special technical requests must be mentioned in the application form, and will be provided as far as possible.

» The festival will cover artist’s Flights and accommodation. 

» Artists are welcome to attend all festival events. 

» Residency application will be published following to this showcase open call. 

» All applications must be submitted only by the Festival’s online application form. 

» We welcome all artists from all countries to apply.

Jerusalem International Solo Dance festival is led by Angela Dance Company – Artistic Director Miriam Engel, in partnership with Mikro Theater Company and ‘Hansen House’ – cultural center for Design, Media and Technology, Jerusalem.

Fill in the Jerusalem International Solo Dance Festival
online Application form

» DEADLINE Friday, 20th of May 2022

» For any question, please contact us at: